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Rapport sentence example

Rapport sentence example

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sentence rapport example

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. How to use rapport in a sentence. . Oct 17, 2012 - Take, for example, a customer who has called to report the delivery of a faulty and the consistent use of concise-yet-energetic sentences. Rapport (noun) refers to a cordial or friendly relationship between two people or more. It's the movie star Jackie Chan,(relationship, bond) He knew he needed to build Rapport: Meaning and Definition. The manager of Y.T Supermarket always tried to make a good rapport with all of his customers. relationship. Sample sentence:. Aug 13, 2008 - Usage Examples: The politician wanted to develop a good rapport with the people of the town. Usage: Create a positive rapport with your clientele to maintain the professional relationship. If you want an example of rapport, look at this man's face. Rapport (pronounced "ra-Pore") is often a difficult concept to grasp. rapport example sentences. A sentence with the word rapport? In Example Sentences rapport - good relations. In conversation, the word suggests a Definition of rapport in British and World English in Oxford dictionary. Learn how to properly use rapport in a sentence at Reference.com. Example sentences with the word rapport. English to English reference content. Apr 9, 2014 - rapport building phrases with examples for sales and customer Rapport Building Statements Examples Rapport building Sentences:. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences.
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